Simple worship, modern application, open community.


We are a group of Jesus-followers-in-progress who believe that God's grace extends to all people, and that divine love is a powerful & transformative force in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. We believe that church should be a safe place to ask questions.
We believe that living as Christians mean pursuing social justice for all people. We believe that faithful living means being honest about who we really are, and we embrace the fact that our imperfections make space for the goodness of God to shine.


We're in the neighborhood.


Our faith community gathers each Sunday in the lower level of the Country Cutts building, right in the heart of Palmer. We'd love to see you! 


Sunday gathering @ 9:30 am

Our Location:

432 South Alaska Street
Palmer, Alaska  99645


Get in touch!

907.745.3109 office

Our mailing address:

PO Box 958
Palmer, Alaska  99654